When founder Wilberto Esparra started Oshiwow Clothing brand in 2012, he had reached a point where he was nearly out of opportunities and lost in a dark world - that’s when he made the decision to dedicate his life to JESUS and founded Konazth in 2017.
Konazth was created with the purpose to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide. With no investors - just a bit of faith - and only 1 design, Konazth debuted with zero fanfare. The bold, humble-breaking mentality the brand was built on helped changed that quickly. Konazth sets new limits for graphic tees and elongated fit wear silhouettes. Smoothly blending ’90s grunge with modern contemporary hip-hop styles, the Florida based brand emphasizes soft and durable fabrics to create a comfortable, lived-in look. Wilberto, a self-taught designer who finds inspiration in religious imagery, is celebrated by luxury and urban style for his deft ability to elevate streetwear to elite fashion status.